Dust and Water

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Dust and Water is a Song For The Stained novella.

Hunter is living a hard life, as an orphan working for his unappreciative uncle he gets little respect. One day he see's a girl (Kemla) take a risk and ask a farming family a favor. He decides to try the same at the next house and winds up sleeping in their barn, eating good whole meals, working for his keep, saving them from bandits, helping Kemla with her slave trader problem though she'll never know it, and earning respect.

But will taking a risk be enough to change his life?


The Song For The Stained series are short reads, averaging 10,000 words, which spin off from the Kemla Saga but are perfectly readable as individual books. They're clean reads, with no sex, no swearing, and little violence with the main character trying to avoid violence and find other solutions. They are also diverse reads, aiming to have a variety of characters in each book.



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